The Boat To Falmouth

From St Mawes there is a passenger ferry which travels back and forth every single day (weather permitting), the journey takes twenty minutes and if you are very lucky the seals can easily seen. Enjoy all that Falmouth has to offer, a long laze lunch and then a most enjoyable boat ride back to St Mawes. IMG_2963

A Moment Captured

IMG_3047.JPGToday whilst out walking I managed to capture this scene. The wonderful ferry which takes passengers backwards and forward from St Mawes to Falmouth, a freight liner and a small sailing boat.

And a further boat far away in the distance…………………………….



A Start To A Beautiful Day……….

At the moment I am on holiday in one of my favourite places to relax and unwind and that is in St Mawes.  St Mawes being the principal village on the Rosalind Peninsula. The sun was and still is shining so I took the opportunity for an early morning walk just as the village was starting to wake up!

And a lovely walk it was too, the children of the village excitedly running and playing in the playground and builders starting their day painting and working on the cottages overlooking the sea. But hey ho, no work for me today and I think I shall treat myself to a lovely cup of coffee at the Tresanton Hotel and maybe something to munch too!







An Early Morning Walk In St Mawes



A lovely early walk from the centre of St Mawes up to the Castle, but looking at that sky you can see within a few minutes the rain came pouring down!

Henry VIII had St Mawes Castle, which is still beautifully preserved built to protect Falmouth Harbour and guard the entrance to the safe anchorage in the Carrick Roads. Three huge circular bastions arranged in a cloverleaf pattern with multiple gun ports were formidable defences!

Today the Castle stands intact and although re-fortified throughout its history, it is a Tudor time capsule waiting to be explored. It is set in landscaped grounds, providing excellent views of the coastline and across to Falmouth.