King Harry Ferry


The King Harry Ferry is a vehicular chain ferry which crosses the Carrick Roads, established in 1888 and connects St.Mawes and The Rosalind Peninsular with Feock, Truro and Falmouth, avoiding the alternative 27 mile route through Truro and Tresillian. It Carries 300,000 cars every year! and is one of only five chain ferries in England, departing every twenty minutes from each side and runs seven days a week.

Once on board you can step out of your car and enjoy the most magnificient views across one of Cornwall’s deepest and most beautiful rivers – the Fal River.

I travel to St Mawes at least twice a year and for me one of the best moments is the start of my holiday across this Ferry, even just waiting for it to arrive you can soak in the beauty and calmness around you.


The Ferry’s 270m long chains are amazingly strong but with up to 80 crossings a day, seven days a week the chains have to replaced regularly due to wear and tear!



A lovely old view of the old ferry (I wonder who could age this) ? The current ferry has been in use for ten years and has travelled over 54,000 miles. for more information.









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